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5 Simple Steps to Cook Healthy Spinach Saute with Ginger  1 year ago / 0 notes
Perfect for easy, sunny, yummy weekend balanced home lunch ~
Cream Fettuccine with punch of sliced garlic, light cream cheese over a bit brown sauted onion slices. Add favorite mushroom and cook for few..  would do the rest for your smile with full of UMAMI natural flavor ~ a special recipe for simple lovers.  1 year ago / 0 notes
Gluten free, Coconut fiber, protein snack - would help detox tummy w/ coconut fiber power, and do replace a rush for cookies with less carbo w high protein - and most importantly, they are yummm~~!! dream snack indeed! All natural.. 2 eggs, coconut flour 4oz, brown suger 2oz, agave 1oz, bit of oil and vanilla bean. 2 years ago / 0 notes
Gluten-Free Basil Garlic penne opens up the Spring green aroma… blends  magical  with onion, mushroom sauteed brownish. did I mention creamy herb chicken in between? ~ life is yumm ~  2 years ago / 3 notes
Kale Power Salad ~ perfect combo - green & pasta - to get your body energized ~  2 years ago / 5 notes
Pork under Mushrooms ~ Enoki mushrooms give layers to flavor over simply grilled juicy meat. Green wanted to join a perfect harmony being part of butter soy sauce with thin sliced garlic ~ 2 years ago / 3 notes
Rice slaw salad ~ egg coated crispy fried rice with garlic punch on nose, sotey together with slaw mix and finishing up with drops of roasted sesame oil…  2 years ago / 43 notes
Spicy Miso Risotto ~ organic white miso magically brings rich, deep umami in between rice, soup and chili beans mucho caliente ~ warms up all natural food vege lovers ~ 2 years ago / 4 notes
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Happiness in Yumminess, if you have an awesome relationship with food, it nurtures your body, soul and curious mind ~
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